TGO Challenge Withdrawal

Unfortunately my efforts to shake off my heel injury have failed and so reluctantly I have had to withdraw from this year’s TGO Challenge. A five mile walk yesterday, Saturday 25th April, ended with my heel being quite sore and it still was this morning. With only twelve days to go there is no way I am going to be able to walk every day for two weeks to get  from one side of Scotland to the other.

Last December during a walk I developed a painful heel and the following day I could not put any weight on it. Six weeks of rest did not cure it. My GP then gave me a cortisone injection which resolved the problem. This allowed me to start walking again on my holiday in Austria. On my return in February I was able to build up the mileage and my strength. The heel was fine.

Training continued well and in the middle of March I had a two day backpack. At the beginning of April I started to get some discomfort on the side of my heel, a good couple of inches from the area of pain in December.A short family walk on 5th April ended with the heel being very sore and me knowing I had to do something to get this sorted if I was to make the TGO Challenge.

So at great expense to the management I made an appointment to see at The Body Rehab in Staveley. After much prodding and poking Sue’s verdict was that I had stiff tendons on both sides of my leg and lack of motion in my heel joints and toes. Three courses of painful treatment from Sue followed. The last one was last Thursday, 23rd April, and judging by how much less the pain was things were getting better. However as yesterday’s walk showed I still need more time and so I am withdrawing from this years event.

The plan now is to have at least a couple of weeks off walking, try some swimming and cycling, carry on with my exercises and hopefully recover so I can get out on the fells again. Thanks for all the get better wishes I have received they were much appreciated.

Now when are the entries out for the TGOC 2016?


7 thoughts on “TGO Challenge Withdrawal”

  1. Hi Paul, I hope your heel gets better soon, I had plantar fasciitis which eventually responded to physio and a good sports massage but I know how disappointing it is when you can’t get out for a while. The important thing is to take time to recover as the TGO will still be there next year


  2. Bummer mate.
    Hope you get it sorted.
    Massive disappointment I am sure.
    I ended up with hydrocortisone injection from My Mother In Law a few years back. Just to clarify, she is a Dr.

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  3. Injuries suck. I was out of action with a groin injury some years back, and then morton’s neuroma (nerve problem needing surgery) a couple of years ago so can sympathise and understand how frustrating it is. I’m glad you’re giving your bod time to heal – you’ll be back 🙂

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  4. Sorry to read about the injury and you having to pull out Paul. Better to call it now than start the challenge and have to withdraw and potentially exacerbate the problem further. Fingers crossed for a swift recovery.


  5. Sad news. I guess that pulling out at this stage means you’ve given someone else a chance, which would not have been the case if you had pulled out shortly after starting. In more ways than one, you’ve done the right thing.

    This might not be what you want to hear but giving up work seems to have helped my plantar fasciitis. Modern life just isn’t good for an ageing carcass but, if you loosen those tendons, you should be good to go next year.

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