TGOC 2015 Part 3 Route approved!

This afternoon I received this email

Hello Paul
We have attached Roger Smith’s comments for your perusal.  There are no revisions required but Roger has made some suggestions.  If you want to take up any of these please amend your route sheet and return it to us.  All that is left is for us to wish you a safe and enjoyable crossing.
See you in Montrose
Ali & Sue
Thats a relief!
As a first time entrant to the TGO challenge this comes as a relief. Whilst planning a route is something we do all the time, planning a two week route for someone else’s approval is a novel experience. The advice that vetters give seems to be legendary amongst challengers and I was not disappointed with Roger’s two pages of notes, including important information on bridge crossings as well as  the location of a cafe!
So the route I outlined in TGOC 2015 part 1 has now become a reality…although I’m sure there will be a few alterations along the way, intentional and unintentional!
Back to more important matters…what gear do I need? 🙂 🙂 🙂

5 thoughts on “TGOC 2015 Part 3 Route approved!”

  1. Great stuff and congratulations Paul.

    I’ve enjoyed reading your 3 posts on your TGOC prep (particularly the Gear section ofc! ;-)) and I can relate to much of what you say as a TGOC virgin who has also decided to (one day) apply for the Challenge. If I were retired I’m sure my wife would be more willing to get me out from underfoot! 2016 will hopefully be my first.
    Yours is a nice looking route and I look forward to reading more on your prep and following your progress.


  2. Looks like a lovely route Paul. I spent quite a while agonising over my first TGO route last year, and it still felt odd watching people trek off in different directions within an hour of starting at the same point. But that was the beauty, bumping into the same people a week or so later after each going our seperate ways.
    My route for 2015 is still but a vague idea in my head. Must get cracking and get it down on paper.


    1. Thanks John. Yes looking forward to meeting other TGO people as our paths cross. Already know a few people I will bump into at various points. Have you decided where you are starting yet?


      1. I started northerly at Strathcarron this year, so next year I’ll head further south. Plan is to start either Kilchoen or Acharacle and then sweep south of Rannoch on the way across. It’s mapped in my head, but as ever there’s a mental battle going on to ensure that FWA’s don’t finish up as an inferior alternative. Whatever I do, I don’t tend to head west to east in a direct line, but instead zig-zag about a bit to enjoy the journey across.

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